LightStim Red light LED Therapy

What is LightStim?

LightStim Red Light LED Bed

Our body is very similar to plants in how it consumes nutrients and how it absorbs light and converts that light into usable energy. When our body absorbs LightStim LED light from Red Light beds, Red Light facial or LightStim handhelds which emits UV-free light it’s our bodies natural process to convert that LED light into new proteins and regenerate cells in ways our body would otherwise not be able to do at the same quantity or speed as when using LightStim or Red Light Therapy

We use LightStim with most of our clients as they have been able to not only reduce inflammation after an intense training session but speed the recovery and healing process while at the same time increasing collagen and elastin production which allows clients to get back to their training regiments more quickly without the need to skip or postpone sessions.

LED Red Light Therapy is the leading non-dietary way of increasing collagen production which as mentioned previously helps elastin production but can also reduce acne and other skin imperfections including helping to make scars and stretch marks look better.

We are the only location in Florida to have a complete suite of LightStim products and are also the only facility to have a LightStim Red Light LED Therapy bed, when using LightStim products you should always look for and demand authentic LightStim FDA cleared products.

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